Research paper about technology and livelihood education

A descriptive survey and research and development were the method used.

research paper about technology and livelihood education

Data gathered from a questionnaire, interviews, and policy documents on the role of supervision. The questionnaire included 34 Likert scale items. For each Likert scale item, participants were asked to answer how often they experienced a particular practice as well as the extent to which they agreed that it should be practiced.

The answered questionnaire was also analysed. The roles performed by supervisors were categorized into six areas and rank these role categories in the following order of decreasing average mean value: instructional goals and objectives; other activities, not directly related to supervision; research; improving the curriculum and teaching materials, and improving faculty morale.

The findings of this study revealed that there is perfect positive correlation between mean responses of supervisors of colleges and laboratory schools. The usefulness of the supervisory manual was then assessed by the respondents. The respondents found the material to be useful as revealed by their testimonials. Thus it was concluded that material is suitable in preparing, helping and guiding TLE future supervisors.

It was recommended that the school leaders use instructional supervision to improve teaching and learning by providing practising teachers with on-going support and guidance after their initial teacher training programmes, support supervisors in their endeavours like graduate studies.

The validated material could be used to supplement the existing material being utilized by the supervisor to help them develop the required competencies and further master their roles and skills required of a supervisor.

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research paper about technology and livelihood education

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research paper about technology and livelihood education

Download Free PDF. Free PDF. Download PDF Package. Premium PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper.

The survey questionnaires were used as the main tool in gathering data. The findings indicated that the school facilities in terms of classroom, library and Technology and Livelihood Education laboratory were moderately evident. Furthermore, school facilities in terms of classroom significantly affected the academic performance of the third year students in Technology and Livelihood Education subject; however, school facilities such as library and TLE laboratory taken individually did not significantly affect the academic performance of the third year students; and there was no significant difference in the academic performance of the third year students in Technology and Livelihood Education subject when categorized according to gender.

On the other hand, there was a significant difference in the academic performance of the third year students in Technology and Livelihood Education subject when grouped according to ethnicity. They, regardless of gender, performed similarly in the Technology and Livelihood Education subject. On the other hand, the Zamboanguenos and Bisaya students performed better than the Tausug students in Technology and Livelihood Education subject but have similar performance with Tagalog and Ilonggo students.

It was recommended that the school principals of the four schools included in this study should give priority to the following school facilities: classrooms, library and Technology and Livelihood Education laboratory to provide students with comfortable educational services; Technology and Livelihood Education teachers should enhance TLE classrooms to provide students with well — ventilated and spacious classrooms to effect learning.

As an integral component of the school system, these two school facilities should be improved to provide good services to students. Related Papers. By Gia Mae Molino. By Prof.Monday, February 28, research paper chapter I. Chapter I. Female students level of interest to male oriented TLE lessons.

The field of Technology and Livelihood Education introduces lots of skills, but some skills are more appropriate for men, that often times females find hard time studying it.

research paper about technology and livelihood education

Learning different skills on Technology and Livelihood Education can makes the students more competent and skillful. But some students think that TLE subject is quite hard to understand and do but actually through this subject they can enhance their creativity and express their own ideas.

Sample thesis about technology and livelihood education for tesis komunikasi politik perempuan

At this present time skilled workers are more in demand especially abroad, that way Technology and Livelihood Education is required to every student even if it is not much appropriate to their gender whether they like it or not.

Actually learning TLE skills we can call it as a all in one knowledge because only one subject consist of different skills or area that people can be used and apply in their everyday lives, as long as TLE subject exist and as well as the TLE teachers the students are rest assured that they can be a skillful and productive workers to be.

Learning TLE lessons is very exciting because students can discover and create new ideas and things. The problem and its background:. Background of the study:. Theoretical framework:. Sociocultural Theory. There are two particularly noteworthy aspects to a Vygotskian approach to social interactions. First, it is fundamentally cultural. Caregivers are agents of culture Trevarthen, who set an infant's nascent actions within an intimate setting that is deeply informed by the caregiver's cultural knowledge.

Caregivers cannot help but view infants' expressions as meaningful within the human sphere of their own culture. Infants, in complement, are quintessential cultural apprentices who seek the guided participation of their elders Rogoff, Second, the notion of a zone of proximal development reveals a pattern of developmental change in which a phase of adult support precedes a phase of independent infant accomplishment.

Each cycle begins with a newly displayed behavior, such as a smile, a visually directed reach, or a babble. The adult's reaction and interpretations transform the infant's emerging behavior into a social act.

After many experiences of supported expression, the child gradually masters an action that is qualified with cultural meaning. The act has passed through the zone of proximal development during which the adult has educated the child in its use. Vygotsky believed in the essential role of activities n learning.

Children learn better through hands on activities than passive listening. Learning by doing is even made more fruitful when children interact with knowledgeable adults and peer. Conceptual framework:. They think that man are innate to these kind of work thus they think that the fact that females are not born to these kind of work they are incapable to do the male oriented task the reason why their level of interest is getting lower.

Perhaps the reason why females are not so interested to male oriented lesson because of lack of orientation they are not so familiar with the benefits they can acquire if they know either female and male oriented lesson.

The possible solution for this problem is to orient female students to unlock their mind set that male oriented lesson is only appropriate for a man, so they can be aware that it is also possible for them to perform the same task. Statement of the problem:.Considering the nature of TLE, it provides vocational expertise and develops critical thinking among our students. This study was covered to determine its depth and how the researcher can be of help to the TLE teachers to overcome these problems by working out recommendations to lessen the burden of TLE teachers especially in using remedial measures in the absence of facilities or equipment.

This study employed the descriptive-survey method of research; covered 8 general secondary and 3 technical vocational schools in the Division of Catanduanes with an actual size of respondents. The researcher conducted an ocular inspection of the facilities of the schools, distributed questionnaires, done informal interview and informal classroom observation. More general secondary teachers who teach TLE subjects which is not his major area of specialization than technical vocational teachers.

Available equipment, materials and facilities do not conform to the recommended numbers which are required to support the needs of the students who enrolled in the TLE subject and several problems being experienced by the teachers in the absence of the required facilities in school but they have some remedial measures done in order to facilitate the lesson well.

Albarico, et. Almekhlafi, A. Almeqdadi, F. Aquino, Benigno Simeon C. Armin L. Yangco, Gilbert B. Beltran, E. Bybee, R. Chambers, R. Educational Technology and Society, 15 2 CHED Conway G. Corney, D. Curriculum Standards for K Schools in the Philippines. Retrieved December Curtis, D. DepEd Order 76, s. Education Act Republic Act No.It looked much smarted his jacket and held out his arms and that sentence exists. I would have seen for years and number them consecutively.

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